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  • “All Thai-ed Up.” Metro, Autumn 2004, no 142, pp. 61-68.
  • “Asian Cinema Craze: Sailing into the Mainstream?” Metro, no 143, pp. 54-56.
    “The Cadences of Shared Melancholy: Arab-Israeli Relations in The Band’s Visit.” Metro, no 157, pp. 72-76.
  • “The Composer at Seventy: Scott Hicks’ Glass: A Portrait of Phillip in Twelve Parts.” Metro, no 159, pp. 54-58.
  • “Dancing to a Different Tune.” Metro, Summer 2015, no 183, pp. 114-118.
  • Discoveries and Revelations of MIFF 2005.” Metro, no 145, pp. 62-70.
  • “From Little Things Big Things Grow: The Fitzroy Shorts Film Festival.” Metro, no 148, pp. 60-62.
  • “From Strength to Strength: The St Kilda Film Festival.” Metro, no 145, pp. 76-82.
  • “Imprisoned, Surrounded, Barricaded: The Explosive Discourses of the Middle East in Beaufort and Hot House.” Metro, no 155, pp. 58-62.
  • “Less Dancing, More Darkness: Peepli Live.” Metro, no 166, pp. 64-70.
  • “The Low Budget Australian Horror Film.” Metro, no 144, pp. 44-50.
  • “A Pashtun Boy in Search of the Future: Son of a Lion.” Metro, no 158, pp. 36-40.
  • “Puppy: Love, Deceit, Obsession and a Few Dead Bodies.” Metro, no 150, pp. 28-32.
  • “Stranded in the War on (T)Error: The Road to Guantanamo.” Metro, no 151, pp. 36-42.
  • “Stranded Offside: The Compulsive and Passionate Gender Discourse of Jafar Panahi.” Metro, no 150, pp. 96-102.
  • “The Terror of Uninterrupted Silence: Sulanga Enu Pinisa (Forsaken Land).” Metro, Spring 2011, no 170, pp. 54-58.
  • “Turtles Can Fly: An Interview with Bahman Ghobadi.” Metro, no 145, pp. 70-76.
  • “What Kind of Questions Should a Good Film Ask?” Metro, no 143, pp. 32-36.
  • “What Lies Beneath: An Interview with Kathy Henkel.” Metro, no 143, pp. 88-92.

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